Jessie Clayton

Jessie Clayton

ThriveKids Director

Born: Mobile, AL

Lived: Abbeville, Louisiana; Dallas and Austin, TX

Family: My husband, Cody, and our three sons Jonathan, Jackson & Joash

Education: Degree in Sociology and Certificate in Interior Design

Hobbies:  Outside sports. Nature. A good antique store. Working on our 1920’s historical house. My family.

Ministry:  I have been a Sunday school teacher since I was a teenager. My husband and I were the Youth Pastors at Victorious Life Church from 2004-2007. I was apart of the children’s ministry at Christian Life Austin Church from 2007-2011 and have been taught Sunday School at Promiseland San Marcos 2013-2017. I have also served on worship teams playing the keyboard and singing. Outreach is very important to me and I love mission trips.

On My Playlist: Bethel, Andy Mineo, Imagine Dragons, NF, LeCrea, Walk Off the Earth, Rag“N’Bone, Jesus Culture

What fascinates me: God’s hand in every situation fascinates me.


Books:  Count of Monte Cristo. Any Francis Rivers novel!  And I am obsessed with podcasts…I count those as “books”.

Food: Queso! Do I need to go on? Oh and chips!!!

Movie: I love scary movies. I feel the opposite about cartoons or anything animated. (shhh, don’t tell the kids.)

Place to pray: Outside on the hammock

Sports Team: Barton Bobcats!  Yea, middle school sports.

Best advice given to me: Take Jesus home from church. Look your children in their eyes when talking to them.

My life motto: Give, give, and then give some more. Look for an opportunity everyday to show love.

Three people I’d like to have dinner with: King David, George Costanza and my husband Cody.

An interesting fact about me:  I have my kids convinced I am Ex-CIA. It feeds my self esteem.

My hero: Every mom out there!!  You go girl! Now go take a nap.

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