At ThriveAustin Church the primary way to Discover Community is:

  • Small Groups

When we talk about Community in the Vineyard we are talking about reconciliation.

Jesus is reconciling humans to God, to each other, and to the entire creation, breaking down divisions between Jew & Gentile, slave & free, male and female. Therefore, we are committed to becoming healing communities engaged in the work of reconciliation wherever sin and evil hold sway.

We seek to be diverse communities of hope that realize the power of the cross to reconcile what has been separated by sin. This requires us to move beyond our personal preferences to engage those who are perceived to be unlike us and to actively break down barriers of race, culture, gender, social class and ethnicity. We are convinced that the church, locally, nationally and globally, is meant to be a diverse community precisely because Jesus is Lord over every nation, tribe and tongue.

We are not satisfied with the status quo when it doesn’t reflect this kingdom reality, but are eager to pray for the coming of God’s kingdom here and now and to realize this mark of the kingdom in our midst.

The Community at Thrive Church is marked by the following characteristics:

  • Real, honest relationships- We value intentional structures to facilitate honest relationships
  • Spiritual Growth and Maturity- We value an approach to spiritual growth that is always progressing and done in community
  • Passionate service- We value serving in the context of the local Christian community
  • Radical generosity- We value giving whatever we are able (time, money, energy, talent) for the cause of the advancement of God’s kingdom
  • Health conscious – We value health for the whole person (mental, physical, financial, spiritual, relational)